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The Yahoo! Search Blog

Articles and tips about Yahoo! Search from Susan Herzog, Information Literacy Librarian @ Eastern Connecticut State University

Roll Your Own Yahoo Specialty Search Engine
Danny Sullivan, SearchEngineWatch Blog
"Nice from Tara Calishain: Searchroller For Yahoo. Want to make a subject-specific search engine that brings back results from only certain web sites? This workaround she's created makes it easy via Yahoo."
New Look at Search.Yahoo.Com
Gary Price, SearchEngineWatch Blog
"The sleek and clutter-free interface that I normally use to access Yahoo! has a new look."
Yahoo Announces Size Increase to Image Database
Gary Price, SearchEngineWatch Blog
"Word from Yahoo this afternoon that they're announcing a size increase, what they're calling an upgrade, to Yahoo Image Search database. According to the company, the database now includes an index of more than 1 billion images."
Yahoo Adds Local, Web and Image Search To Mobile Lineup
By Gary Price, SearchEngineWatch Blog
"Yahoo has added local search, web search, and image search to their already large set of mobile services (news alerts, games, IM, etc.) delivered to your wireless web browser."
Google and Yahoo Are Extending Search Ability to TV Programs

New York Times
January 25, 2005

"Google and Yahoo are introducing services that will let users search through television programs based on words spoken on the air. The services will look for keywords in the closed captioning information that is encoded in many programs, mainly as an aid to deaf viewers."
My Yahoo! on Your Desktop

Yahoo! Search blog

"When we first launched My Yahoo! in the summer of 1996, it didn't take long before we wanted to do even more with it. Back then, not everyone spent hours a day in their browser, so later that year we launched the My Yahoo! News Ticker to deliver the same personalized news, weather, sports scores and stock quotes directly to the desktop. (gosh, that was over 8 years ago)
Well, now the new My Yahoo! is here and it allows people to stay up to date with any of the millions of RSS feeds out there--from craigslist to Jeremy's Blog to The New York Times. And again we asked ourselves the same question: how can we make it easy for users to get their information on the desktop?

Answer: The Return of My Yahoo Ticker - this time with all the new good stuff."
Yahoo Provides Access To Library Records

"Via the Yahoo Search Blog, news that a special version of the Yahoo Toolbar now allows you to search across two million library holdings through a cooperative project with OCLC, the Online Computer Library Center." SearchEngineWatch Blog
Firefox, Google and Web Search

By Chris Sherman, Associate Editor, SearchEngineWatch

"Mozilla Firefox has Google, Yahoo and other search tools baked in, but they are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to search capabilities available with this innovative new web browser that launched its first official version today."

Yahoo! Video Search

"Yahoo! Video Search allows you to search millions of videos from across the Web. To start using Video Search, type a specific description in the Yahoo! Video Search query box. For example, if you want videos of University Lectures, type 'University Lectures' in the box and click the 'Search' button. To limit your search to videos of a certain size or file type, use Advanced Video Search.

Your results pages will show you 20 thumbnails (reduced versions) per page. Click the thumbnail to see details on the video file, along with the web page where the video is located in its original context.

Please Note: The videos you find in your Yahoo! Video Search results may be protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights. Yahoo! cannot advise you as to your use of these videos. If you have questions related to your use of a video, we suggest that you to contact the site owner directly."

How to get your RSS feed listed in Yahoo!:
July 6 2004

"Sometimes the Yahoo! search engine will add a link to a relevant RSS feed beside a regular search listing -- provided, of course -- that the site has its own RSS feed."
Behind the Scenes at Yahoo Labs

By Gary Price, News Editor, SearchEngineWatch
June 24, 2004

"Dr. Gary Flake is Principal Scientist & Head of Yahoo! Research Labs. In this wide-ranging interview, he talks about the daily work of researchers at Yahoo Labs, and what they're doing to make search better."

Part 2

Part 3
Yahoo! Search Starts to Blog

By Zachary Rodgers, ClickZ News
August 19, 2004

"Now Yahoo has a blog, one totally devoted to search and feeling more blog like in informal nature than rival Google's blog. A blogroll and amazingly, comment ability, adds to this. More about the blog here, Yahoo! Search Starts to Blog."
Search Engine Report #94
Four Things Yahoo Can Do That Google Can't

Aug. 17, 2004

"Unlike Google, Yahoo lets you see all links to a particular domain rather than a URL, lets you filter out your own site when doing reverse link lookups, lets you search for more than 10 words in a query and lets you search for RSS/Atom/web feeds. Learn more in the PDF file from Tara Calishain."
Yahoo Offers Anti-Spyware App

By Chris Sherman, Associate Editor, SearchEngineWatch
August 10, 2004

"Tired of those unwelcome pests that invade your computer without permission? Banish intrusive spyware and tracking cookies with Yahoo's newly upgraded toolbar."
Yahoo Local Officially Launches

By Chris Sherman, Associate Editor, SearchEngineWatch
October 4, 2004

"After just two months in testing, Yahoo has pushed its local search out of beta and is giving the service prominent exposure on the Yahoo home page."
Yahoo Introduces Personal Search

Danny Sullivan, SearchDay, Oct. 5, 2004

"Yahoo has enhanced its My Yahoo service with personalization features including search history, the ability to save pages to a 'personal web' and block URLs from appearing in search results. This article is from Chris, who finds personalization at Yahoo is nicely done but underpowered compared to some other similar services and more a good start than a must-use application, in his view.

I'm much more positive and explain why in My Yahoo Search Offers Personal Search Features -- plus
note that Google has no future plans for search memory-style tools to announce at this time. I hope they get them soon, because I'm finding them compelling."

A ResourceShelf Interview:
20 Questions with Gary Flake, Head of Yahoo Research Labs
Thursday, June 3, 2004

"Dr. Gary Flake, Principal Scientist & Head of Yahoo! Research Labs, was kind enough to answer 20 questions for this email interview. This is a 'must read' for those of you interested in web search and online information retrieval."
This is Part II of the ResourceShelf interview with Gary Flake
Yahoo Gas Prices Shortcut, Search Engine Report #92

"Type "gas 92663" or any other US zip code, and Yahoo provides links to sites that show gas prices for that area at the top of its results. Link above provides a list of all types of shortcuts like this Yahoo offers, as well as further instructions."
Behind the Scenes at Yahoo Labs by Gary Price, SearchDay, June 29, 2004

"The head of Yahoo! Research Labs talks about the challenges of indexing various types of information, and Yahoo's efforts at realizing a current hot trend -- personalized search."

Behind the Scenes at Yahoo Labs, Part 2
Yahoo! Search Shortcuts "are special features designed to help you to find answers quickly. Click the title of a specific feature to learn more about it."
WebSideStory Search Report Crowns Google, Leaving Yahoo! In The Lurch By Kate Kaye, Contributing Writer, MediaDailyNews March 31, 2004

"Guess who tops the search referral charts? It's Google, of course. The search engine king carries on its reign over Yahoo! and Microsoft Corp.'s MSN, according to a report released Tuesday by Web analytics firm WebSideStory."
Yahoo Announces Content Acquisition Program By Chris Sherman, Associate Editor, SearchEngineWatch March 2, 2004

"Just two weeks after launching a brand new search engine, Yahoo has announced a content acquisition program that consolidates all of its paid inclusion programs and marks the beginning of an aggressive new campaign to significantly expand both the scope and quality of content available via Yahoo search."
Google Tops, But Yahoo Switch Success So Far By Danny Sullivan, Editor, SearchDay April 5, 2004

"New stats from web analytics firm WebSideStory highlight the news often heard before: Google's most popular, when it comes to search. But they also reveal that Yahoo's recent replacement of Google results with those from its own crawler-based technology doesn't appear to have cost it visitors."
Google PageRank, Meet Yahoo Web Rank! By Danny Sullivan, Editor, SearchEngineWatch April 2, 2004

"What's good for Google is good for Yahoo. The service has launched a system to show the 'Web Rank' popularity of pages viewed by those using its toolbar. That's similar to the Google Toolbar's long-standing PageRank meter -- and brings with it some of the same potential problems."
Yahoo crawls deep into the Web | CNET News.com By Stefanie Olsen
March 2, 2004

"Yahoo on Tuesday began a systematic effort to draw more content into its searchable database of Web documents, its latest bid to win Web surfers from search rival Google."
Yahoo Shows Off New Search Engine, PCWorld.com by Scarlet Pruitt, IDG News Service
February 18, 2004

"Internet giant begins phasing out Google's services. Yahoo unveiled a new search engine technology Wednesday, and began phasing out services from Google, in a move likely to increase competition between the Internet giants."
Yahoo aims at Google with new search engine by Scarlet Pruitt, IDG News Service, 04/07/03

"Yahoo Monday rolled out an updated search engine in a bid to regain its place in the competitive search market, which has been dominated recently by the presence of rival Google."
Yahoo! Search Toolbar: "Use the Yahoo! Companion toolbar to search the Web from anywhere online. After a quick download and installation, the toolbar will be a part of your browser. And Yahoo! Search will be available from every page you visit."
YahooSearch Shortcuts: "Need specific information fast? We've created a set of shortcut keywords that display what you want at the top of your search results page."
Yahoo to Charge for Guaranteeing a Spot on Its Index by Saul Hansell
March 2, 2004

"Yahoo said yesterday that it would start charging companies that want to ensure that their Web sites are included in its Web index from which research results are selected.

The practice, called 'paid inclusion,' has long been a part of many search engines including Microsoft's MSN search function and Ask Jeeves. But Google, which last year surged ahead of Yahoo to become the No. 1 site for searching on the Internet, disdains the practice as misleading."
Yahoo! Birth of a New Machine by Chris Sherman, Associate Editor, SearchEngineWatch.com. February 18, 2004

Yahoo! Media Relations - Press Release February 18, 2004

"Yahoo! today announced that it has created a more comprehensive and relevant search experience for users through the deployment of its own algorithmic search technology on Yahoo!® Search . Starting today, the company will begin rolling out the new Yahoo! Search Technology (YST) and expects to continue the process on a worldwide basis over the next several weeks.

With the completion of the deployment, Yahoo! Search Technology will power nearly half of all online searches in the U.S. 'Today's announcement marks the beginning of a rapid succession of innovations from Yahoo! Search that will deliver against our mission of providing the highest quality search experience on the Web,' said Jeff Weiner, senior vice president, Yahoo! Search and Marketplace. 'Within the next few weeks and months, consumers will continue to see improvements to Yahoo!'s search technology in addition to advancements in search personalization and other user features'."

Yahoo Announces a Heapin' Helpin' Of Election Resources by Tara Calishain, ResearchBuzz. February 02, 2004
Google, Yahoo Add New Search Features by Chris Sherman, Associate Editor, SearchEngineWatch.com. January 13, 2004
I'm Susan Herzog, Information Literacy Librarian at Eastern Connecticut State University. I'm starting this blog as part of my presentation, Driver's Ed for the Information Superhighway, at the 2004 Teaching Academic Survival Skills Conference.

There's so much noise on the Web right now about Yahoo! Search that the easiest way to keep current is to Blog it.